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New Endorsement for "The Rise of the Occult"! Kennedy Hall

New Endorsement for "The Rise of the Occult"! Kennedy Hall

"In The Rise of the Occult, Mr. Fraune offers the mystical body of Christ an invaluable resource. In recent years we have witnessed a significant increase in demonic and pagan activity while the faith of so many Catholics has been weakened. Conversely, the culture seems to be “waking up” to the reality of the preternatural threats that lurk in the shadows. Fraune’s book should be on the bookshelf in every Catholic home, as he has found a way to present the relevant information while tempering any anxiety that may arise through sound information and solid catechesis. Hopefully, as participation in the Occult increases, Catholics will be equipped to deal with the issue with the perennial wisdom of the Church. It is doubtless that Fraune’s work will serve to strengthen the Church Militant in this battle."

Kennedy Hall, Catholic author and speaker. More on Kennedy HERE.

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