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Supporting This Apostolate

Supporting This Apostolate

Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!
Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!

I wanted to write a brief note about the many ways that people could support this apostolate. Since this is my full-time work, and it is very much a grassroots effort (i.e. there is no money invested in advertising and marketing), the support of those who see the value in this work is greatly appreciated!

Here are some ways you can offer your support:
  • Pray
    • that God's will is done in these efforts.
  • Spread the word
    • about my books to your family and friends.
  • Tell your priests and deacons and Bishops
    • about my books and encourage them to invite me to speak at their parishes.
  • Follow me
  • Financial Support
    • Consider the various ways you could support me financially*
    • Patreon: Become a patron on Patreon here
    • Extra with order:
      • Offer your support when you buy a book on my website by leaving a contribution with your order
    • Check or PayPal or Venmo
      • Support my work through a gift of a check contribution [address below] or through PayPal or through Venmo [code below]

Thank you again!

Please share this website and this link!

*This Apostolate is under the name "The Retreat Box LLC" and is not a non-profit organization.


Mailing Address for contributions:

PO Box 621, McAdenville NC 28101



You spoke of Reiki, yoga, but not Acupuncture. What are your thought?

constance burke

Thank you for this review. I saw the movie alone yesterday and disliked the experience . Now I understand of course I disliked it, I should, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t recommend it. It is not for everyone and it is gripping. I do book speakers for Naples chapter of Legatus, I have already submitted by 2024 recommendations but I would like to add you to our list. I am sorry I just found this site, thank you for your work.

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