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STUDY GUIDE! "Slaying Dragons - Prepare for Battle: Applying the Wisdom of Exorcists to Your Spiritual Warfare"


Consider purchasing the spiral bound - the best for easy note-taking.

Slaying Dragons – Prepare for Battle is a powerful companion to the best-selling spiritual warfare book Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know.

Many study guides simply lead the person back through the book to review the material already contemplated by the reader.  Slaying Dragons – Prepare for Battle picks up where Slaying Dragons left off, guiding readers into a deep consideration of the spiritual battle in which they find themselves and the spiritual work still left to be done in their souls.

Spiritual warfare is not simply about knowledge of the Enemy of our souls.  Yes, the first step is awareness and information about the battle; but the next step is an understanding of how to properly engage in this essential warfare.

Journey through the battlefield that wages war for the eternal destination of your soul.  Take stock of your weapons and weaknesses, your strengths and confusions, your strong points and your wounds.  Craft your Battle Plan and find the peace, stability, strength, security, and powerful union with Our Lord which your soul craves.

You know what the war looks like.  There is work to be done!

How will you engage in the battle?  Slaying Dragons – Prepare for Battle will lead you to the answer.

This book is a spiritual warfare manual and a study guide, a companion book, and a workbook for Slaying Dragons!

Also available in Paperback (Amazon), Hardcover (Amazon), and Spiral-Bound (Lulu).

The "battle plan" template mentioned in the book can be found here, at my old website: LINK

STUDY GUIDE! "Slaying Dragons - Prepare for Battle: Applying the Wisdom of Exorcists to Your Spiritual Warfare"


Customer Reviews

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Laurie Oldigs
Slaying Dragons

I'm finding this book so interesting. I've listened to Fr. Ripperger many times and it is very affirming to read that other exorcists confirm everything he has to say about demons. Understanding how demons think and work is something every person should know.


Excellent. I am beginning a study group at my parish. Every Catholic should spend time in this workbook.

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