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Come Away By Yourselves - A Guide to Retreats - 2nd Edition - with Nihil Obstat


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Come Away By Yourselves is written for those Catholics who find themselves too busy to make much time for prayer, and who believe that they have no time to make any sort of "retreat."

Busy Catholics today long for a slower pace, a calmer home, and a quieter spirit.  They long to be able to pray, and to not have to fight their schedules to carve out tiny chunks of distracted time in order to speak to Our Lord.

But, for the laity, today's world is not merciful, and time for prayer and for retreats is difficult to acquire - seemingly impossible.  This is why you need to read Come Away By Yourselves.

In this book, you will find a teaching that is unique - how to see that there is time in your crazy life to pray.  The idea is this:  Our Lord is so interested in having you speak to Him, that He is capable of turning those little moments into sources of eternal joys. 

What we need is confidence in how much Our Lord actually desires us to speak to Him, and some practical ideas of how to make the most of those quick bursts of down time that we occasionally get.

Come Away By Yourselves is the book to teach you this.  Practical spiritual wisdom and insights, combined with the beautiful writings of the great Doctor of the Church, Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, and a simplified explanation of his sometimes lofty teachings, makes Come Away By Yourselves a must-read for today's Catholics.

From the back cover:

Our Lord longs for us to step away from the distractions of life and be with Him. This call is not just for those in the monastic life or the priesthood. He calls all men and women to a deep and intimate knowledge of Himself.

This applies also to the over-busy mother of many, to the stressed and time-crunched father of a family, and to the college graduate establishing himself in a career and readying himself for family life.

This book is designed to teach you the practical means of making a retreat within the busy days that characterize your life. It also provides you with a mini-retreat comprised of nine reflections based on the writings of Saint Alphonsus Liguori. A deep and intimate prayer life is within your grasp. Sometimes, we just need someone to show us how to seize it, how to make the time, and how to use that time effectively.

Come Away By Yourselves - A Guide to Retreats - 2nd Edition - with Nihil Obstat


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