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Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know has gotten the attention of Christians all over the world, from the United States, to Brazil, to the UK, to Australia, to Spain, to Mexico, and the Philippines. Here are just some of the noteworthy articles, podcast appearances, endorsements, and other mentions:


The following is JUST A SMALL SAMPLING of statements from people who have reached out to me to express how much they have enjoyed and benefited from reading Slaying Dragons, or who have shared their enjoyment of the book on Amazon.

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Parish Men's Groups

Zane W. - Missouri

  • "Know your enemy! Our men's group read Slaying Dragons and I don't think there was anyone who didn't walk away better prepared for the spiritual battle we face!'

Emails to me:

"I began to watch Father Ripperger, video after video...But, there were still pieces of the puzzle missing... I received a text one day with one of the articles that comes off your website.  And then, I saw Slaying Dragons.  I began to read the samples online...Your book was inspiring and an eye opener to me. I am not a reader but I could not put this book down. I have shared it with friends and family."
- A reader

"I loved your book. Absolutely excellent!  So well done.  I have read countless books on deliverance and most of the exorcist books, the rite and yours is exceptional!  Your book is the most well laid out, most thorough and most inclusive. Loved it.  One of my favorite parts of your book was your absolute confidence in God's providence and your emphasis on Gods merciful protection.   It was a balm."

- A reader

"At first, I only borrowed this book from a friend because I wasn’t sure if it would have anything I hadn’t already heard from Fr Ripperger's work.  Upon finding it extremely informative, I very soon purchased my own copy!  I love the way Fraune has it all organized, making it a valuable resource on the shelf of a Catholic family. I’m very grateful for the inclusion of the binding prayers.  It really is a wonderful work. May God reward Charles!"
- Jessica F.

"Hi Charles, I just want to say I got your book a few days ago and I am devouring through it.  It came at the right time when I’ve been experiencing a lot of turmoils in my life. I’m sharing what I’ve learned in your book to my family and I pray that they heed the messages in your book. This book gives my husband and me an opportunity to grow in our faith and it helps me to learn to better protect my children too.  May God continue to protect you and through your books, guide many souls to Him. Thank you again for this vital information. I will keep you and your family in my prayers."
- A reader

from Amazon Reviews

Every Catholic should read it.”

“Definitely a book I will re-read as it has a lot of good information.”

“All Catholics, practicing or not, should read and heed, the advice given in this book.”

“This is a must read for anyone who wishes to depend their Catholic Faith.”

“It has helped improve my relationship with my husband and better prepare us for spiritual battle. I have shared what I learned with my extended family and friends.”

“Highly recommend this book.”

“It answers questions I have had for years but had nobody trustworthy or authoritative to ask.”

“Seriously, I have been reading a lot of books on the subject of angels and demons and this is the best one out there. He brings in so much knowledge from many great authors and brings it together in a well written book.”

Amazing read! Couldn’t put it down! Many truths to ponder after reading this for sure!!”

“This is a very important Catholic book about the spiritual warfare taking place in our church.”

“This is a very unique book as it is an account of findings from the perspective of exorcists.”

“It is easy to read, it is full of information related to the inner workings of the demonic. I am by no means an avid reader, but I have not been able to put this book down during the moments I have available for reading.”

“All serious Catholics should read this!”

“This book is the best treatment of the subject that I have come across, in that it is concise yet comprehensive in taking a person from zero to ten in one book: zero (knowing nothing) to ten (what you need know to protect yourself and your family). It will help you to live your spiritual life with more intelligence and awareness.” 

“This is a book that priests - as pastors of souls - can easily read to educate themselves on the basics on the subject. I highly encourage all priests to read this book.”

Great book! Very well researched!! I’ve read many books on this subject and still learned some new information.”

Can’t put this down. I ordered after hearing author on a podcast. Very interesting but easy read. I’m Catholic so this topic interests me. It is a little scary but the focus on how powerful Our Lord is eases fears.

“This is a very informative book. I highly recommend it as it totally corresponds to the books from these specific Priests. I agree that every Catholic and Christian should read it. Thanks, Mr. Fraune for writing this book.”

From a priest:

“This book is a detailed look at the demonic from the experience of exorcists. It contains a number of stern warnings, strong suggestions for avoiding the demonic, and a beautiful call to a deepened faith.”

“This is an excellent book and it is easy to understand its contents. I would recommend this for every Catholic to read. I have already shared this with two others and a third person waiting they’re turn!”

If only all Christians would read this. My awareness of demons will be forever acutely enhanced. Thank you for building this eye opener. Abundant blessings on to you.”

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