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Swords and Shadows: Navigating Youth Amidst the Wiles of Satan


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Great book for parents and teens!

People have reached out to me about Swords and Shadows just as they have for Slaying DragonsFor Swords and Shadows, people have stated:
  • it is helpful for parents to use to talk to their teens about these difficult issues in the context of our Faith
  • it helps parents because they do not need to share their own story as the book is already built around mine
  • it addresses issues like bullying and the occult, but does not get deep into the much darker moral evils
  • it is a good conversation starter and the lessons can be applied to issues not addressed specifically in the book 
  • it is a good primer, for some, before reading Slaying Dragons

If you know anyone who is young, it is likely that you fear for their spiritual survival.

As a High School Theology teacher for ten years, and a father of three, I know why we fear for them.

I, too, was a youth once, and I learned the hard way that the youth need to be trained in spiritual warfare.

This book, Swords and Shadows: Navigating Youth Amidst the Wiles of Satan, is the fruit of a grand conversion which Our Lord orchestrated in my life twenty years ago, and which is still playing out to this day.  It was written at the same time that I was researching and writing my other spiritual warfare book, Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See and What We Should Know.  It is based on the teachings of Fr. Chad Ripperger, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, and other modern exorcists, as well as the teachings of some of the greatest Saints in the Church's history.

As I believe you will agree - Swords and Shadows is a book our youth need to read! Written by a once-fallen-away Catholic lost in depression, who was lifted up by God's grace to become a (former) seminarian and now a 10-year Theology teacher, and father of three - it is based on a true story, brief and to the point, practical and enlightening, real and inspiring.

Looking for a spiritual warfare book directed toward the youth? 

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Thank you and God bless you.

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Swords and Shadows: Navigating Youth Amidst the Wiles of Satan


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A must-read for tweens and teens

This short book is really priceless, I think, because the author uses his story to show clearly how easily we can become wounded as children, in ways that could never be foreseen by even the most careful parent, and how the devil brutally exploits those wounds to enslave us to himself. And he also shows, with great candor, what glorious deliverance and healing await those who turn to the Lord Jesus in faith, contrition and trust. He does all this with a very delicate touch, so much so that I have no qualms allowing my innocent, eleven-year-old homeschooled daughter to read it, so that she can understand the nature of wounds and arm herself. How much more children in public schools (and even "Catholic" schools, unhappily) need this book. Thank you, Mr. Fraune, for your generosity in sharing your story; may it help many to find peace in Christ.


Timely for our times. Protect your children and arm them!!!

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