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What's Happening in YOUR Soul?

What's Happening in YOUR Soul?

Lent has come.

The season of penance is upon us. A season of grace. It is time to make an account of our souls, and to reflect on where you want to be by the great Feast of Easter.

And, now, what work do you need to do? What is the state of your soul at present? So, let us ask: what’s happening in YOUR soul? 

As the time of penance continues, what do you seek?

Do you seek to see the Lord? To behold Him? To love Him more truly? That He would find you and console you?  To have His presence within you? What are you willing to sacrifice to have Him in your soul?

To be able to rejoice in the Lord’s Resurrection, you need to be one of His intimate friends and disciples. How do you attain that status?

Now is the time of grace to purify your soul. Are you willing to do what it takes to climb the mountain of the Lord, that you may behold Him, face to face?

Seize this time of penance and prayer. Seize these moments of grace.

Deny yourself worldly pleasures that your soul might crave spiritual treasures.
Set aside time, each day, to speak to the Lord, your Divine Friend.

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