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Your Three-Minute Reflection

The Retreat Box is happy to present its inaugural three-minute reflection.  The theme today is the Incarnation as the Key.


If you are blessed with time, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, listen, reflect, pray.

If you are blessed with children (!), sneak away, sit down quickly, listen, stay calm, breathe, listen, relax, reflect, pray.  Perhaps you can take turns sneaking off with a cup of coffee.  God will reward you for your efforts to draw closer to Him.  He will.

As you will see from the Reflection, snow is a great symbol, reminding us of the wonder and the power of the Incarnation.  Know well that all earthly things were created for us out of His love for us – everything exists in order to turn our minds and hearts to Our Lord.  Every sweet thing in this life, on this earth, was put here to delight our hearts and tell us of His love.

Use the sweet things of this world well – for they are all passing.  Treat them as reminders, and as steps, to keep you focused on Him as you make your pilgrimage toward eternity.

Think:  What helps you remember His love for you?


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