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God Sends the Rain

When it rains, everyone tends to stare out the window. We will look for a moment, linger, and then return to what we were doing. A few minutes later, we will look out the window again. Why? What is happening that is so fascinating? Even though it may not be pleasant to be outside in the rain, watching it from a shelter is quite fascinating. But why?

What we are seeing is nothing less than a great performance by God, through His creation. Think about the sound it makes when the rain starts, from quiet to a symphony of droplets to a universal white noise. Though we can’t do many things in the rain, we know that the rain is providing what is essential for our survival. We know that the rain will soon cease and the sun will emerge. The water will subside and the ground will dry.

Should we look at this as an action of God, or just dismiss it as simply what nature does? Our Lord clearly states in the Gospels that the Father “makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.[1] What does Our Lord want us to think about the rain? Does He want us to ignore it, or to see it as something amazing – water, falling from the heavens?

The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, when advising us to “turn everything that you may see or hear into an occasion for raising your mind to God,” said:

When St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi held in her hand any beautiful fruit or flower, she used to feel herself smitten by it with divine love, saying to herself, “Behold, my God has thought from eternity of creating this fruit, this flower, in order to give it to me as a token of the love which he bears towards me."


These two great Saints saw, in all things, that God was reaching out to them, and trying to teach them about the way of salvation. So, the next time your life is interrupted by some element of creation, pause and reflect, and see if there is some meaning there.

Perhaps the rain is God’s way of asking you to slow down. Perhaps He wants you to turn to Him, so much so that He causes it to rain in order to bring that about. Does He not love you so much that He would create a storm, send rain, and slow you down, such that you would turn to Him in that reprieve, and pray?

So, take some time to detach from the normal way we live, locked indoors so often. Look outside, or go outside. Let Our Lord speak to you. Behold His masterpieces and realize that every single one was crafted with you in mind.

[1] Matthew 5:45

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Sweet and profound message……I usually like rainy days. Days with rain can relieve one of some mundane duties that cannot be performed in the rain. The idea of using these days for closer communication with God is helpful.

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