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What is "The Rise of the Occult" about?

What is "The Rise of the Occult" about?

The Rise of the Occult is a presentation on the far-reaching infiltration and present dangers of the modern forms of occult practice which are over-running society, either in the open or behind the scenes. Pulling from almost forty interviews with those who spent years (or decades) in the occult prior to entering the Church, as well as exorcists with experience helping those who are spiritually afflicted as a result of occult practice, priests who have encountered the occult in their ministry, and the average laymen who has either suffered from confrontations with the occult or has seen the occult “in the wild” in the course of their days, The Rise of the Occult is a sobering, alarming, and hope-filled exposition of the modern spiritual plague which at present is not being sufficiently addressed.

As with Slaying Dragons, this book presents needed information on an aspect of modern spiritual warfare which is not well known to the average Catholic. This lack of knowledge extends to most priests as well who, as with spiritual warfare in general, are unaware of what to do about the spread of the occult throughout the culture.

The Rise of the Occult is not a presentation of the specific aspects of the deep darkness into which occultists descend. It is a presentation of the spread and acceptance of it, both in the world and even in the Church, as well as the dangers to which the occult exposes all who embrace it. This book is intended to have a general appeal to the faithful and to secularists throughout the country. There are many topics within “the occult” that are not pleasant, and many details which are quite disturbing: I made a careful and deliberate effort to avoid presenting these disturbing issues beyond a certain point in the hopes that sensitive readers will find the book accessible and helpful.

On the issue of sensitive issues: this book, God willing, will be followed by a “part two” or a “volume two” of the same title which will go further in the presentation of what occultists actually believe. For many, that analysis will be vital, especially for pastors who are beginning to see more and more occult issues among their parishioners, as well as for parents who are more frequently dealing with the appearance of the occult in the lives of their children.

The Rise of the Occult covers a wide range of issues which are of concern for all. I will present the Chapter titles here so the reader can get a sense of what the book talks about.

Chapter One – The Occult is a Reality          

Chapter Two – Most People are Blind to the Occult in Their Midst

Chapter Three – The Occult Has Infiltrated the World         

Chapter Four – The World and the Occult Have Infiltrated the Church       

Chapter Five – The Situation is Dire 

Chapter Six – The Occult Among Catholics 

Chapter Seven – Why People Go Into the Occult     

Chapter Eight – The Occult Plays on Our Wounds  

Chapter Nine – The Occult Plunges the Person into Darkness         

Chapter Ten – The Allure of Occult Power  

Chapter Eleven – The Occult is Dangerous and Destructive

Chapter Twelve – The Occult vs. The Church          

Chapter Thirteen – The Occult is Full of Lies and Manipulation     

Chapter Fourteen – Why Occultists Leave the Occult          

Chapter Fifteen – Leaving the Occult is a Real Battle          

Chapter Sixteen – By the Power of God       

Chapter Seventeen – The Church is the Great Liberator      

Chapter Eighteen – What Priests Need To Know     

Chapter Nineteen – How Catholics Can Help           

Chapter Twenty – The Church Fulfills What Occultists Truly Desire        

Though the topics are not pleasant, these “unpleasantries” are in our face today. We need to be on alert in order 1) to avoid them as much as possible, 2) to shield our children from exposure to them, 3) to understand what they are when we see them, 4) to understand the risks which occult practices bring, 5) to understand what dangers the occult does, and does not, pose to the faithful in this world, 6) to understand just how far the occult has infected the minds and hearts of Christians, even those within the hierarchy of the Church today, and 7) what the solutions are to all of these problems and dangers.

The Rise of the Occult will likely spark a lively discussion within the Church. This is a necessary step and one which, God providing, could lead to a resurgence of devotion to the great and traditional Truths of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church – the one and sure source of salvation in this world.

Please spread the word, pray for this apostolate, and have a great Easter!

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