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Second Bishop Endorsment for "The Rise of the Occult" - Bp. Joseph Strickland!

Second Bishop Endorsment for "The Rise of the Occult" - Bp. Joseph Strickland!

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It is a very exciting thing to announce that The Rise of the Occult: What Exorcists & Former Occultists Want You to Know has now received it's SECOND endorsement by a Bishop!

Thank you, Bishop Strickland!

     "I highly recommend Charles Fraune’s book 'The Rise of the Occult' especially for Catholic Priests. We who stand at the sacred altar of Jesus Christ and say the prayers of consecration over bread and wine need to be aware of the reality of evil and the occult that seeks to contradict our sacred work.
     "All men and women of faith know that Jesus Christ has conquered evil, death and sin; He has conquered satan. The father of lies is relentless in trying to pull humanity into perdition with him and we who know the Holy must be just as relentless in ridding our lives of evil. I believe Charles Fraune’s book can be an important tool for priests and laity as they seek to guide the people of God to holiness and away from the darkness of the occult."

+ Joseph Strickland, Bishop of Tyler, TX

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