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Announcing a new book: "The Occult Among Us"!

Announcing a new book: "The Occult Among Us"!

It is a great joy to announce the completion and publication of "the rest of the story" which began to be told in "The Rise of the Occult."

The Occult Among Us continues with the information gained from interviews with nearly forty people: exorcists, former occultists, parish priests, and families. Similarly, this book also contains extensive research into the modern manifestations of occultism, including Satanism (what it actually believes and is seeking to do - not the dark information), the role of abortion in the occult, witchcraft in the modern e-marketplaces, the phone and the Ouija board, and many more topics (see here for the Table of Contents).

It is important to understand that, as with Slaying Dragons and The Rise of the Occult, I sought to avoid going into unnecessary details about modern occultism, and avoided presenting the dark and twisted details of these practices. When I found that a topic might be too heavy for some average Catholic readers, I placed a note at the beginning of the Chapter. That being said, even in those chapters, I still sought to avoid presenting details which might easily scar the mind or the imagination.

As a result, this book, within its prominent endorsements, acquired strong recommendations that parents and youth be sure to read this book to have a proper understanding of just what the occult is today.

Here are the three endorsements that have already been granted to

The Occult Among Us:

"Today, one of the evil one's most successful campaigns is that of deception, by which he ensnares souls with the offer of false spiritual goods. In his latest book, "The Occult Among Us," Charles D. Fraune exposes the lies and the concrete dangers inherent within the many different modern occult movements through which men are increasingly being pulled away from communion with the One True God. This valuable book will be an aid to both priests and parents who seek to protect and guide their flocks in this age of increased diabolical activity."
Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Mary in Astana

"I’m proud to highlight the important work of Charles Fraune as he continues to call our attention to the evil around us. His work reminds me of the prayer to St Michael and highlights the truth that “evil spirits prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.” Even as Charles helps us to face the reality of evil, he always does so reminding us that God’s goodness is greater and that His Son has conquered evil. I recommend his latest book, "The Occult Among Us," for all serious believers."
Bishop Joseph E. Strickland

"Once again Charles Fraune has written a very fine work on the occult. He unmasks the real evil of the occult and its many machinations. This is a must read for exorcists and priests in general ... and for all the faithful. If I were a parent, I would have my children read this before they might be tempted to dabble in the occult, lest they do so thinking it to be harmless. The occult is springing up everywhere and this book exposes its many faces, sometimes obvious but at other times hidden. In an age and in a society in which Satan’s actions are being accepted and sometimes even applauded, "The Occult Among Us" is an expose of the true spiritual disaster that is the occult and its death-dealing fruits."
Exorcist, Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti
President, St Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal

Please spread the word! This apostolate is fueled by readers who find value in these books and help get the word out. Book sales, especially from my website, help keep the apostolate going so I can produce more literature aimed at helping modern Catholics keep the Faith in this age of evil and apostasy. On that note, I have at least six more books in the works!

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