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What is "Advent"?

What is “Advent”? The “coming.” What is that, which, before the Annunciation to Mary, was yet to come? The Redeemer. We, who live in the age of the Messiah, must often reflect back on Israel’s longing: O, when will the Heavens let down the Just One! O, our God, when will our hearts be consoled by Thee! O, our loving Creator, when will we behold Thy coming!

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ccc. #553 tells us that our first petition should be to pray “ for the coming of the Kingdom”. Our Lord told Luisa that as Israel prayed for 2000 years for the coming of the Messiah, so Christ asks His Church to pray for the coming of The Kingdom, as He instructs us in The Our Father Prayer. So His Church as prayed for 2000 years. The fruition of this prayer is realized in the gift of the knowledge in The Book of Heaven, given to Luisa in her life and writings, in complete obedience to The Church. Our Lord calls this Knowledge, The Divine Science.
Glory to God!!

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